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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kamen Rider Spirit : The Legend, > #2 Nigo

Ichimonji Hayato was a freelance cameraman and a martial artist with a black belt in Judo and Karate. One day though, he was abducted like Hongo and turned into a cyborg against his will. Filling in for Hongo, who went to Europe to fight against Shocker's plans of global domination, Ichimonji stayed to protect the legions of Shocker still in Japan. To aid him in his fight were Tachibana Heiei, an auto racing coach, and Taki Kazuya, an FBI Agent. When Hongo returned to Japan, the two teamed up becoming the Double Riders and fought Shocker's Kaijin together. Eventually Ichimonji leaves Japan for South America, following the trail of Dr. Death. Although fundamentaly the same cyborg, Rider 2 was much more powerful than Rider 1. Since returning from South America, after powering up, the strength of R2 and the skills of R1, who constantly developed new techniques to combat Shocker, were emphasized more. Known as Powerful Rider 2 and Skillful Rider 1. After his return to Japan, R2 often showed up just when R1 would get into an unescapable certain doom, and together they defeated the Kaijin. Finally the Double Riders were able to defeat Shocker/GelShocker and return peace to Japan.
Ichimonji Hayato
Actor Name
Sasaki Takeshi
Years on TV
4-3-1997 ~ 2-10-1973 (98 episodes)
Insect Motif
Hongo Takeshi, Tachibana Heiei, Taki Kazuya
Shocker, GelShocker
Cyclone 2
  • Maximum Speed: 400 km/h
  • Jump Power: 30 m (40 m after alteration)
  • Engine: Nuclear Engine, 200 horsepower.
  • Designer: Hiroshi Midorikawa
  • Base Model: Suzuki T20 (original model); Honda SL350K1 (original model prior to henshin; second model)
cycloneA machine given to Ichimonji by Hongo. Cyclone takes the form of an on-road bike and can be ridden by people other than Ichimonji. When Ichimonji transforms into Masked Rider the switch for the bike is also activated and the bike becomes an off-road bike. The bike is able to handle any kind of terrain and can even ride vertically up walls.
New Cyclone 2
  • Maximum Speed: 500 km/h
  • Jump Power: 50 m (40 m after alteration)
  • Engine: Nuclear Engine, 250 horsepower.
  • Designer: Takeshi Hongo, Kazuya Taki, and Tobei Tachibana
  • Base Model: Suzuki Hustler TS250III; Honda CB1300 Super Bol D'Or (The First/The Next)
The second machine given to Ichimonji by Hongo. New Cyclone has the same abilities as Hongo’s altered Cyclone. In Kamen Rider The First & Kamen Rider the Next, Ichimonji obtains his own bike named the "Cyclone II", like Hongo, Ichimonji rides the Cyclone even in human form or rider form.

--Special Techniques--
Rider Punch
Rider Chop
Rider Spiral Kick

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