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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kamen Rider Spirit : The Legend > V3

Kamen Rider V3
Story -- The peace had been returned to the world, thanks to the Double Riders, after the defeat of Shocker, and GelShocker. However, the leader of GelShocker has put together a new organization, Deathtron, and once again has started it's plans of global domination. Standing in the way of Deathtron is Kazami Shiro. Because Kazami saved Tama Junko from an attack by Deathtron, and was sheltering her at his house, his family soon became their next target. After his family was killed, Kazami vowed revenge on Deathtron, and asked the Double Riders to turn him into a cyborg like them. Knowing the sadness and the karma that comes with being a cyborg, the Double Riders refuse, but after Kazami recieved fatal wounds from saving the Riders from Deathtron's Anti-Cyborg Ray, the Riders decide to save his life by changing him into the cyborg V3. Soon after Kazami's transformation, the Double Riders go missing after a fight with a powerful enemy and V3 is forced to fight by himself before fully understanding his new powers. But thanks to Tachibana Heiei, the Jr. Rider Squad, and Sakuda Ken, a Deathtron Hunter, from Interpol's Anti-Terrorist Division, V3 was able to fight on. Later, it seemed that the Double Riders surrvived, as they began to show up when ever V3 was in a pinch. After many fights to the death, finally Deathtron's leader was destroyed. With peace returning to the world, V3 left on a personal journey.

Name Kazami Shiro
Actor Name
Miyauchi Hiroshi
Years on TV 2-17-1973 ~ 2-9-1974 (52 episodes)
Insect Motif
Buddies Tachibana Heiei, Tama Junko, Sakuda Ken, Yuki Joji
Belt Double Typhoon
Cycle Hurricane = speed 600km ; 1000 horsepower
--Special Techniques--
Reverse Double Typhoon v3reverseturbine
V3 Kick v3kick
V3 Mach Kick

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