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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Earlier this week a package arrived at our HQ, and we’re always happy to get a packages. This time is form Kidslogic, A Hong Kong based company that made of licensed anime products. Such one we generously given by them, THE KAMEN RIDER iPhone Case series.

Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic - Ichigo

the  cool things about this case is that the image behind the case is not some randomly photoshoped  Images of some Rider, it’s the Henshin device ! yeah.. ! A Riders henshin device is printed on the back cover and it’s not a simple flat printing but a textured surface on some parts of device image to add up some dimensions in it. 

Not just that, the core or the
pistons part is not on the same layer with the rest of images. Instead it was a different layer placed from inside of the case while there is a hole in the upper layer ( the device layer) making it looks really awesome. The Images are so awesome the details on the Riders belts are astonishing.

The back cover is made from a quite strong transparent plastic and side case comes on variant of colors depend on the rider.

Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic - Nigo

 Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic - V3

The current line up of the Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic includes, Ichigo, Nigo, V3, Black, Shadowmoon and Kuuga available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

 Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic - Black

 Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic - Shadowmoon

 Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic - Kuuga
This case will be remembered by anyone that see’s it that’s for sure. Personally one the best cases we’ve had seen around and gives that unique personality look on your cell. So if you a Kamen Rider fans and happened to use an iPhone, Kamen Rider iphone Case by Kidslogic is a must have items.

visit their website for more info :

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  1. wow!! those looked good, especially the kingstone.. my favorite..!

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