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Monday, May 31, 2010

Kamen Rider W Movie: Forever A to Z Gaia Memory of destiny SPOILER.....

Like all we know.. This guy who will transform into Eternal is from group band named SOPHIA. He will play as Daido Katsumi on W AtoZ movie.. He will lead the terrorist group called NEVER

NEVER is a heinous terrorist group that does subversive activities around the world. Members are Izumi Kyosui, the Luna Dopant (Sudo Genki, left) who makes full use of the whip, Habara Reika, the Heat Dopant (Yashiro Minase, right) which has the most agile bodily movements, Ashihar...a Ken, the Trigger Dopant (Masayuki Deai, formerly BoukenSilver) a master in the use of guns & Domoto Tsuyoshi, the Metal Dopant (Nakamura Koji) who possessed superhuman strength. All 4 members transforms using their respective T2 Gaia Memory.

This is also a character which will take part on the movie

She is Maria S Cranberry (Aya Sugimoto, formerly PGSM's Queen Beryl), who is a member of International Secret Military Research Institution. Her job is to track down international criminals.

The rumors says she is Shroud.. (Maybe, by looking her hair style)

Here I put some other pict too..

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