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Monday, May 31, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO (ozh,ozu)

field form- fan made

As Kamen Rider W will end in August, so we’ll meet the next rider in September and he’ll be called Kamen Rider OOO, Oz! The name of OOO refers to three (triple) forms and his henshin items which is Medals (round as “O”).

Likes Kamen Rider W with set of Gaia memories, Kamen Rider Oz is equiped by set of Medals called Medal Familia. The default form (above pic) called Tri-Form, parted in Head (red), Torso+arms (yellow) and Legs (green).

Each of them represent other forms. The red Head is Sky Form (sharp), the yellow torso+arms is Field Form (power & defense) and the legs is Insect Form (speed & agility). So you can say Tri Form is combination (but may be permutation) of other forms. To build a form, he must insert three Medals into his belt (below) for head, torso+arms and legs.

various sketch

As usual the belt has signal display. It has three slots for Medal. Looks like you must spin it in order to active. Both of sides are Medal Holder and Medal Scanner. Now list of Medals that be used for each form
Tri-Form; Hawk (head), Lion (torso+arms), Kuwagata/Stag (legs).
Sky-Form; Hawk (head), -no info- (torso+arms), -no info- (legs).
Field-Form; Lion (head), Tiger (torso+arms), Cheetah (legs).
Insect-Form (pic below); Kuwagata/Stag (head), Mantis (torso+arms), Hopper (legs).
insect form- fan made
Also there are special Medals Hawk, Lion and Kuwagata/Stag which can grow big and fight like Kamen Rider Hibiki has.
The opening theme song is “Generation” by HYDE and the ending theme is “Kamen Road” by Ami Suzuki. Let’s wait for further update.

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