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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rumor!! Kamen Rider 2011 REGULUS (Spoiler Alert!!)

Kamen Rider Regulus? (Possibly the new Kamen Rider Series)
-A rumor popped up stating the name "Kamen Rider Regulus"

-"Regulus" is one of the brightest stars in the constellation Leo

-The next Kamen Rider Series rumors noted that the motif would be constellation based, and there would be a total of 13 riders

These actors names were shown with the rumor:

-Matsushima Shota:

-Yanagishita Tomo:

-Tano Asami:

~ In passage standing out of future :

Aries : Hamal
Taurus : Aldebaran
Gemini : Pollux
Cancer : AlTarf
Leo : Regulus
Virgo : Virginis
Libra : Zuben
Scorpio : Antares
Sagittarius : Australis
Capricornus : Algedi
Aquarius : Aquarii
Pisces : Piscium
13th Rider, Ophiucus : Alhague

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