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Saturday, August 06, 2011

[Wii] Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross = Sentai Warrior ~

It seem to be a sentai version of Dynasty warrior, it is a hack and slash game slaughtering all the minions up until the bosses. having five sentai  teams (Gokaiger, Goseiger, Shinkenger, Go-onger and Goranger ) seems to be more enjoy able and make sense than the historical figures of DW.
We all know that the SUPER SENTAI BATTLE RANGER CROSS is coming this September, having seen the trailer, i get the mix feeling of excitement and bored.

but game like this is always fun to have with friends ( and a cold beer ! LOL ) , sitting around waving you Wii stick. because this game comes with the Split screen mutliplayer, and also it comes with "Lazy Friends next to you"- mode, where the second player is just as a supporter ( shooting ), and don't forget to summon the Machine when things started to getting out of hands.

any way, even with just five team assemble and in my perception a boring beat'em up game paly.. the fact of this a TOKUSATSU game , a SENTAI game , the game that let you be the toku and kick some minions and bosses  buts , sure gonna make this game worth of wait and worth to play.

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