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Friday, July 04, 2014

NASA bio suit is sooo Kamen Rider Fourze

MIT Aeronautics researcher Dava Newman has been working for more than a decade on a revolutionary space suit that in the end LOOKS to much like KAMEN RIDER FOURZE!

At TEDWomen event in San Francisco December 2013, Newman presented the new space suit, called the Biosuit. The tight-fitting design gives astronauts more mobility while preventing injuries (astronauts have undergone 25 shoulder surgeries due to injuries from current heavy space suits).

If in the future NASA is going to use this suit, then what they will need is just to start building the Driver and Switches and in the end we all can yell "Switch on youth 'cause we're going into space!" when they blast off.

source : NASA official Website

more picture of Fourze.. er I mean Dava's Bio Suit

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