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Friday, July 04, 2014

SHF Kamen Rider Gaim & Baron Review

Toei’s current fruit-based Kamen Rider series has been represented on toy shelves in its native Japan with a feature-focused “Arms Change” action figure series for several months, but in May Bandai will officially roll out hyper-articulated S.H. Figuarts versions of the titular hero of Kamen Rider Gaim and his rival Kamen Rider Baron.

S.H.Figurearts : Kamen Rider Gaim Review By Darwis Lim

source : Darwis Lim Figure Photography

S.H.Figurearts : Kamen Rider Baron Review By Firestarter

source :

Gaim and Baron are set to retail for of ¥3800 and are currently available for preorder through online hobby sites for about $45 USD. Japan’s Tamashi store is adding a little bit of incentive, however, by offering a special figure stand complete with gold folding screen that will allow collectors to recreate the show’s opening sequence.

Though neither figure seems to come with transforming armor like the figures in the Arms Change series (in the show, the heroes summon armor with a thing that looks like a padlock in their belts and an interdimensional rift opens and… a giant piece of fruit lands on a Rider’s head before unfolding into samurai-like armor), they look like they’ve been pulled straight from tokusatsu television. Gaim’s got his Daidaimaru and Musou Saber and Baron’s got his Banaspear.

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