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Monday, August 08, 2011

TOKUSATSU : at land of free and home of the brave

I love the original tokusatsu , I grew with them from goggle five my first toku to the latest, but I cannot lie, I also enjoy the American remake in this case, the Power Rangers. But I always wonder why, the other toku wasn’t so well accepted there ?

it's America ! the land that tokusatsu had hard time to face with (anime had overcome it), Super Sentai had done a great achievement in land of free and home of the brave through the manifestation of POWER RANGER series had grab the heart of the American youngster, but other series didn't get so much love.

Kamen Rider in other hand, with the first attempt with Masked Rider ends with easily forgotten mark, also with Space Sheriff with VR Trooper working hard to make 2 seasons run, Beetle Heroes step in with Big Bad Beetleborg makes the same spot as his fellow Metal heroes and also The Ultraman series also made some mark there, the animated series of Ultraman : the adventure begin ( Co produce with Hanna-Barbera) makes the first attempt, then come the direct to video production on Ultraman : the Ultimate Hero, then Ultraman Tiga come again in Comic format instead of tv series, why ? probably they still unsure it will be accepted.

 some attempt in USA

later Kamen Rider makes another shot this time with original title Kamen Rider : Dragon Knight, did quite good .They even won the DayTime emmy award for outstanding stunt coordination ,the producers now thinking on making another series instead of continuing.That would be good sign their following the original, remember how Power Ranger maintain the zyuranger theme for three seasons. Any way, despite all the achievements , Kamen Rider : Dragon Knight still got bunch of bad responses, so it wasn’t that successful either.
A Huge Gap between the series
So what is the problem ? why other tokusatsu (beside Sentai Series) having a difficulties airing in America ? While the anime is accepted well in America , even original series of America remake into anime theme (Batman, X-men,Teen Titans, etc). As we know once you beat America you get the world.

Kamen Rider : Dragon Knight as I wrote earlier gives a glimpse of hope of other tokusatsu series in america , may be in near future well see Kamen Riders, Metal Heroes or Ultraman deserver the honors they got in asia and other country in the land of the free and home of the brave : America.....

NB : here some clips

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