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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art of the week - 28.9.11

more fan arts for this week, we search the whole net and pick the very best of all , although unfortunately we are able to found out the original artist , but we publish them as our gratitude to all their imagination, hard work and talent that brought us these amazing TOKUSATSU ART

Kamen Rider Kabuto by Unknown

Kamen Rider Hibiki by Unknown 

Kamen Rider Black by Unknown 

Kamen Riders by G.E.A.R

Kamen Rider Kuga by Unknown 

Kamen Rider Blade by Unknown 

Kamen Rider OOO - Tajadol by Unknown 

Kamen Rider OOO by Unknown 

Kamen Riders SD by Greenhills

all Ishimori works SD by Unknown 

JackQ by Unknown 

Space Sheriff Gaban by Unknown  

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