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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Fire State (Updated!!)

And so.. Like we expected, Fourze Fire state will come much faster than we though. Recently the form showed in this latest shadowed scan!

Using the Fire switch Fourze gain this new form. We still don't know the number for this new switch.

A new shadowed scan revealed.. Get ready for the new astro switch.. Number 20 : Fire Switch

Kamen Rider Fourze Fire state based with red and silver body color with green eyes. Like I've said before maybe it will be red metallic, according the Elek state use the gold not yellow..

This form equipped by Hi-Hackgun which shoots a water-like substance similar to those fire extinguishers when separated and connected by a tube. It can also shoot fireballs once the two parts of the Hi-Hackgun are united.

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