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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kamen Rider Spirit : The Legend > Skyrider

Kamen Rider Skyrider

Story -- Tsukuba Hiroshi, a university student in the hanggliding club, was in the middle of practice, when he saw a scientist, Shiba Keitaro, being followed by some strange people, Tsukuba landed and drove the pursuers away, but suffered grave injuries. It turned out that these people were a new secret organization known as NeoShocker. Dr. Shiba wanting to save Tsukuba's life, returned to NeoShockers headquarters and requested them to turn Tsukuba into their newest Cyborg. However, before the brainwashing program could be installed, Dr. Shiba escaped with Tsukuba. Equiped with a gravity control device, Tsukuba became known as Skyrider. Skyrider fought against the minions of NeoShocker, who wanted to subjugate humanity, however whenever Tsukuba got into pinch, the other riders would show up and help turn the tides. Eventually, Tsukuba meets his mother again, who he thought dead. It turns out that his father was killed by NeoShocker, she also told Tsukuba the leader of NeoShocker secret weakness. Skyrider with the other riders went to confront the leader. The leader actually turned out to be an alien from the Dark-Nebula B-26. Before the leader could escape, the other riders gathered their energy and focused it into the gravitational control belt of Skyrider, launching him into space and blowing him into nothingness.

Hiroshi Tsukuba
Actor Name
Murakami Hiroaki
Years on TV
10-5-1979 ~ 10-10-1980 (54 episodes)
Insect Motif
skyrider-headUnlike the original Kamen Riders who are based on grasshoppers Skyrider is based on a locust. As the name implies, Skyrider could fly. Skyrider's ability to fly came from the switches on his henshin belt. Dr. Shiba Keitarou disappears after episode 13. In episode 14 Tsukuba, Hiroshi meets Genjiro Tani (played by the late Nobuo Tsukamoto) who becomes the mentor to Skyrider (and later Kamen Rider Super-1).
Skyturbo = Speed Mach 1.2 ; Horsepower 2000 horsepower
--Special Techniques--
Sailing Jump
Rider Break

Great Spining Kick

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