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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kamen Rider Spirit : The Legend > Kamen Rider Super 1

Kamen Rider Super 1

Story -- Oki Kazuya volunteered himself to undergo the Space Cyborg Experiment, codenamed: Super-1, at the American International Space Agency. Oki was reborn with the help of his boss / teacher, Dr. Henry. However, Dogma Kingdom, a secret organization seeking to kill Super-1 and rule the earth, killed Dr. Henry before Oki could transform. It turns out that the Dogma Kingdom is from the Dark-Nebula B-26, lead by Terramacro. Learning the secrets of his transformation abilities, Oki battled the Kaijin forces lead by General Megol. Using his 5 hands, gravity controler, and Kempo prowress, he was finally able to defeat the Dogma Empire. However, peace did not come, but a new threat B-26 Shadow Dogma and it's 4 powerful commanders. With the help of Tani Genjiro, Harumi, and the Jr. Rider Squad, Oki was able to defeat Shadow Dogma, returning peace to the world, and finally realizing his dream to travel into space.
Oki Kazuya
Actor Name
Takasugi Shunsuke
Years on TV
10-17-1980 ~ 10-3-1981 (48 episodes)
Insect Motif
Tani Genjiro, Dr. Henry, Choro, Harumi
Dogma Empire, Jin-Dogma
Super-1 also has two motorcycles, "Rider Machines" in the series' parlance. One is called the "V-Machine", which can transform into the more-complex "V-Jet". He also rides the lightweight "Blue Version", which can cover rough terrain better than the V-Machine.

V-Machine/V-Jet = speed 1340km/h
Blue Version = Speed 800km/h

--Special Techniques--
As Super-1, Kazuya possesses super-powered attachments called the "Five Hands". They are as follows:
Super Hand
superhandSuper-1's default silver gloves. He can perform the Super Punch with them.

Radar Hand
radarhandSuper-1's gold gloves. He can shoot missiles that emit radar waves, allowing him to see further from the radar screen on his gloves.

Power Hand
powerhandSuper-1's red gloves. He gains the ability to lift heavy objects.

Electro Hand
electrohandSuper-1's blue gloves. They can shoot an electric beam.

Heat/Cool Hand
coolheathandSuper-1's green gloves. The left glove is a cryogenic sprayer, while the right glove is a flamethrower.

Tornado Kick

Moon Surface Kick

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