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Friday, July 17, 2009

KAMEN RIDER W : details

Kamen Rider W is to be introduced in the Decade movie
Kamen Rider Decade: All Rider vs. DaiShocker this August. Then he will move onto his own series in September after Kamen Rider Decade finishes. Did any one nothic in the picture...the alot of flying USB...i think it was used for transforming into other form (hopefully they got a good antivirus in it)

Here’s what we’re pretty sure we know about W. First. He’s really two people who henshin into one Kamen Rider. Those two are totally-Japanese Shotaro Hidari and foreigner-yet-still-pretty-Japanese Philip. They are private detectives.

Shotaro has the Gaia Memory Joker unit, while Philip has the Gaia Memory Cyclone unit.

Put these together with the Double Driver belt, and they merge together to form Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker form... so, i have a felling they can be two difrent rider...
and these are the other form of W.... there’s also Luna, Trigger, Heat and Metal. Luna Trigger seem to form a gun form, while Heat Metal form a rod form. and and also the heat Joker....?

Judging by the heat joker... we should see them combining form more Luna Metal or Cyclone Trigger...?? any way, i think it will be worth to see....

Now.. lets talk about the vehicle

W seems to get a car in this series, a first since
Kamen Rider Black RX.Why? I don’t know. There’s more and more of a trend for the motorcycle in Kaman Rider series to be less and less important. I can’t even remember the last time Decade used his.........
If you guys.. notice in the first picture above....and this picture.... W going to be the first main rider sice ZX (well, another agito and evil blade aslo)....who's get to wear... a SCARF!!! this is great...!!! i like it so much... it gives a touch of Showa on him... So far, here, it looks neat.

I have no real knowledge or idea on the plot. Right now, all I have is the concept and the suit design, but it’s got my attention in a good way.

I’ll be looking forward to Kamen Rider W later this fall, hoping it doesn’t disappoint like certain recent series have been lately.

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