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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Coming up next on decade.....Hold your breath....!!!

Kuuga new final form : Rising ultimate form
My comment : "Marvelous...!!!!!!!!!"

Decade final form : Complete form
My comment : "I think it just like"

Thx to einvaust for giving me this incredible picture
We'll waiting for your next contribution..... :))

This is some rumor that I hear...
- Tsukasa was the Chief of DaiShocker. His sister will also appear in the movie.
- A press conference for All Riders VS DaiShocker will be held on the 25th. At that time, the main cast will be fully announced.
- Gackt seems to be playing Neo Shadowmoon seems to replace Tsukasa as the head of DaiShocker
- DaiShocker is unrelated to the original Shocker, except in name.
- The movie, although in continuity with the series, might take place in yet another parallel world.
- The Showa Riders may not be the same characters, just as the alternate Heisei riders were not
- Kamen Rider W apparently resembles Mazinger and Shariban a bit.
- And the other surprise of the day, Kohei Takeda (Otoya Kurenai - Kamen Rider IXA ‘86 / DARK KIVA) will be back in episodes 20 et 21, as he says on his blog !

The story for the movie is as follows:

Tsukasa, and possibly his family, are the heads of DaiShocker. Tsukasa creates Decade as part of his plan to destroy all the other riders, and take over the worlds. However, even though he defeats the riders, his memories are lost, and he must defeat them to get them back, hence where we are in the series…

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