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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Japan = Tokusatsu = Anime = CUP NOODLE !!

as i surf on the net i stumble on a video of these interesting advertise, after seeing  i started to think , when we said something about "japan" the first think on my head pop up is "tokusatus" , then "anime" and now a new term added to my conscious "CUP NOODLE"

it's moving .... and it's boiling.... don't they have water dispenser ??

this one is going to be my personal favorite... the music and the fat dancing henchmen will stuck in my head for a long time

i think nissin are trying to make their own sentai series ..... although the look more like a kaiju

Bonus !! Guest starting !!!

i think he's sick of those baby food he had in the precinct

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