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Friday, July 02, 2010

Kamen Rider Oz- OOO Cast

Kamen Rider OOO Casts Revealed!
Kamen Rider OOO characters are as follows:

Hino Eiji/Kamen Rider OOO, 21 (Watanabe Shu)

Hino Eiji/Kamen Rider OOO, 21 (Watanabe Shu)A young man with no devotion or desire, and very little prospects for marriage. He only eats food he needs to survive day by day, just carries change, and the clothes on his back. He isn't settled down with a particular occupation. He has no savings, and of course, no hobbies. He dimly likes to look at scenery. He is often scolded by olders for his lifestyle, but liked by others. He is able to live each and every day as one of amazement.

His detachment and no possessions seem to suggest something bad having occurred in his past. What is concealed in Eiji's heart? What is his true face that only appears when he is fighting as OOO?

Anku, Tori Kanbu Kaijin (Miura Ryousuke)

Anku, Tori Kanbu Kaijin (Miura Ryousuke)Eiji's companion, and his Medal Manager. Leader of the Bird group of Greeds and Yamiis, who gives Eiji his belt and allows him to transform into Kamen Rider OOO. He is having Eiji collect medals for him because he cannot fight on his own. Though he is one of the Greeds, the medals have little effect in helping him, and he can only transform his right arm.

As such, he takes possession of Izumi Keiji's body, who is in a near-death state. Unlike Eiji, his devotion is strong and is very self-motivated. He is persistent on collecting all the medals, and "checking" them in. His only wish and care is that he gains all the medals and becomes a god who can attain all desires. However, his stubborn ways may be altered by becoming partners with Eiji...

Izumi Hina, 18 (Takada Riho)

Izumi Hina, 18 (Takada Riho)Younger sister of Izumi Keiji, whose body is currently being possesed by Anku. She meets Anku, her "missing elder brother" and ends up helping Eiji in his mission. She admires Eiji because she reminds him of Robin Hood, and her naivety is being exploited by Anku.

Though she is seemingly a "usual girl" she has a lot of hidden, and uncommon, physical strength.

She misses her brother, and notices something different about him (because he's Anku). She, Anku and Eiji end up working in a multi-national restaurant, and she begins to project on Eiji...

Gotou Shintarou, 22 (Kimijima Asaya)

Gotou Shintarou, 22 (Kimijima Asaya)Commander of the Motorcycle Corps. in the Kogami Foundation that helps out Kamen Rider OOO. A former policeman, Shintarou is an incredibly loyal subordinate to Kogami. Difficult, unfriendly, and one who is not prone to displaying his emotion.

He is ordered to assist OOO, but views Eiji as a rival. He has many doubts about the situation after learning of Eiji and Anku's attitude, but strongly believes society can still be saved through Kogami.

Satonaka Erika, 21 (Arisue Mayuko)

Satonaka Erika, 21 (Arisue Mayuko)
Kogami's able and beautiful secretary. A mature young woman who is never bothered, with a calm disposition.

Because she is always made to eat the cakes that Kogami makes, she always has dieting on her mind. She often leaves the chairman's office to assist Shintarou in information gathering.

Shiraishi Chiyoko, 30 (Kai Marie)

Shiraishi Chiyoko, 30 (Kai Marie)A kind and cheerful character, if a bit troublesome, who gives Eiji a part-time job and living space in her multi-national restaurant. In this restaurant she serves dishes from around the world.

It is a hobby of hers that Eiji, and the others working at his restaurant, must Cosplay while on the job. The interior of the shop is of her own design, and represents different countries around the world.

Kogami Kousei, 43 (Ukaji Takashi)

Kogami Kousei, 43 (Ukaji Takashi)The mysterious chairman of the Kogami foundation. His real intentions are unknown, but for some reason he has a motorcycle, and secret mechanisms to support the Kamen Rider. He had seen the revival of the Greeds a long way off, and had actually hoped for it to happen.

Details are uncertain, but it is clear he wants to collect the medals for some unknown purpose. His hobby is baking cakes, often pulling an apron right over his suit to do so. In fact, he has a very unsuitable oven kept in his office...

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