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Monday, August 15, 2011

Art of the Week - 15.8.11

We have picked more Tokusatsu art form all over the net. from amazing sketches to weld designed pictures of kamen riders, ultramans, and metal heroes, all made by truly talented artist

Kamen Rider Ichigo by Garuda

Mezul By Garuda
Kamen Rider Gattack by Exokopaka

Fourze by RIderDon

 All female Greed by billySEEDDecade

5 minutes sketch of Kamen Rider Kabuto by JazZ Creation

Cybercop Mars by Mauviana
winspector by anonymous

Jiban by jauregui graphic artist

Ultraman by Scabrouspencil

Ultraman VS Godzilla by Cooljoedog

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