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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kaixa Break Form

Here something I hear about him :
He'll will come in the kamen rider decade movie......
This form purpose is to counter faiz accel form......

Question :
1. Is that's true..or it just a spoiler..?
2. Or it just SIC (Super Imaginative Cokogin)...?
3. Doesn't it cool..?

Someone please give me a clue...or explanation for this........

1 Comment:

  1. Nah, its just a concept form. Like, there were at least another 4 Riders that were supposed to make it into "Kamen Rider Faiz", but they ran out of time. Three of those Riders only appeared in the stage show version (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), and Kaixa Break Form didn't make it into the show due to time constraints just like Lambda didn't even get created due to time constraints. Considering "Kamen Rider Faiz" ended on a cliffhanger, its possible for it to be adapted into a second season, or into America and actually use all that concept work.


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