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Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Kamen Rider Amazon

Story -- After his plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, Yamamoto Daisuke, was raised by the shaman Bago. After recieving a life threatening injury Bago used his powers to heal Yamamoto and presented the Gigi Armband to him, along with a hypnotic suggestion, "Go to Takasaka!" Stowing away on a boat headed for Japan, Yamamoto meets Dr. Takasaka, but suddenly a Kaijin appears and kills the doctor. Yamamoto, filled with rage, uses the armlet to transformed and defeated the monster. Being raised in the jungle, did not understand Japanese, let alone his name. Yamamoto was given the name Amazon and taught Japanese by the doctor's nephew, Asahiko and learned how to ride a bike by Tachibana, the doctor's close friend. Gedon, a secret organization wanting to rule the world, sent out it's legions to subjugate the people. The leader, Golgos, stole the Gaga Armlet, an ancient Incan super energy battery, from Bago and set his eyes on Amazon's Gigi, which joined together would give Golgos unfathomable power. Not fully understanding why he was being targeted for attack by Gedon, Amazon fought on and finally defeated Golgos. However, the Emperor Zero of the Garanda Empire, was able to capture the Gaga band and comanding his army set his sights on capturing Amazon's Gigi band. Getting into an inescapable pinch, Amazon was able to fuse the two bands together and finally had the power to defeat the Garanada Empire.
Yamamoto Daisuke
Actor Name
Matsuda Yoji
Years on TV
10-19-1974 ~ 3-29-1975 (24 episodes)
Insect Motif
Spotted Lizard
Kamen Rider Amazon is unique among the Showa Kamen Rider series for many reasons. Amazon's design motif is based on a komodo dragon rather than the more typical suit basis of a grasshopper, beetle, or other insect. However, there is some debate to this—Some fans have speculated that he is in fact modeled upon a piranha.
Okamura Masahiko, Tachibana Heiei, Bago, Mole Kaijin
Gedon , Garanda Empire
Gigi Armband, Gandora
amazonbeltAmazon transforms biologically, rather than simply donning a mask and armor. Artbooks indicate that his anatomy greatly changes. Amazon's henshin device was an armband, rather than a belt. He did have a type of utility belt in both his human and rider forms, although it had no relevance to his transformation. The series is also the first not to feature one or more previous Riders.
Jungler = 300km/h
junglerAmazon's Rider Machine, "Jungler", is much more vibrant and exotic than others, featuring "wings" on the back and a "mouth" and "eyes" on the front.
--Special Techniques--
Amazon is also far more violent and brutal than previous series' as both Amazon and his enemies emit blood-like fluids along with Amazon's combat style being much more harsh, severe, and direct than previous Riders. He also occasionally bites his opponents, virtually unheard of in other Kamen Rider series. Of all the Showa Kamen Riders, outside of Riderman who is not fully masked, Amazon is the only Kamen Rider who was able to open his mouth during his Rider form.
Amazon Bite
Amazon Claw
Big Cutter
Super Big Cutter

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