Thursday, December 23, 2010

[PS2] Kamen Rider Faiz ISO

[PS2] Kamen Rider Faiz ISO

Kamen Rider 555 (仮面ライダー555 ,Kamen Raidā Faiz?) is a PlayStation 2 based on the popular Kamen Rider TV series by the same name. It was published by Bandai and released only in Japan on December 18, 2003. 
Genre : 3D fighting game.

* Challenge Mode
* Free Battle Mode
* 2P Battle Mode
* Slot-machine Mode
* Gallery Mode
* Option Mode
* Staff Roll
* Lecture/Tutorial Mode


Kamen Rider 555 features the main characters from the TV series. There are 15 available characters; 3 Kamen Riders, 3 Faiz Accel Forms, Faiz Blaster Form, 7 Orphnoch And the Auto Vajin.

* Kamen Rider Faiz/Inui Takumi
  • o Faiz Pointer
  • o Faiz Shot
  • o Faiz Edge
  • o Accel Mode (Faiz Pointer)
  • o Accel Mode (Faiz Shot)
  • o Accel Mode (Faiz Edge)
  • o Blaster Mode
* Kamen Rider Kaixa/Kusaka Masato
  • o Kaixa Blaygun
  • o Kaixa Shot
  • o Kaixa Pointer
* Kamen Rider Delta/Mihara Shuuji
* Horse Orphnoch/Kiba Yuji
* Crane Orphnoch/Osada Yuka
* Snake Orphnoch/Kaido Naoya
* Crocodile Orphnoch/Mr. J
* Centipede Orphnoch/Takuma Itsuro
* Lobster Orphnoch/Kageyama Saeko
* Dragon Orphnoch/Kitazaki
* Auto Vajin


The game features the same theme songs from the TV series. "Justiφ's" by ISSA, served as the opening and final stage theme, and "The people with no name" by RIDER CHIPS featuring m.c.A・T served as the battle ending theme

Download Link:
EU *Combine with HJSplit
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Thanks for uploading tis game i hav search for longtime ady but anybody noe how to open the downloaded file ?

1st you do is combine the file .001 till .005 using hj split program (google it)
2nd mount the iso using daemon tools (google it too)
or another 2nd step.. burn it into a dvd.. and play it on you PS2 console

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